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Puerto Portals – The most luxurious port in Mallorca

Maura is now located in Puerto Portals in Mallorca, a luxurious marinaand leisure centre with a lively atmosphere. Puerto Portal is located in the heart of the Bay of Palma, 12 kilometres from Palma’s city centre and it is one of the social centres of Mallorca. Puerto Portal exudes elegance, with fashionable boutiques, a myriad of luxurious boats and superyachts alongside some of the best restaurants in Mallorca.

Where to find us

Puerto Portal has an immense quay area, but we are easy to find, Maura’s berth is located outside the famous Cappuccino Grand Café in Puerto Portals. The restaurant contains delicious coffees, cocktails and a high quality, diverse menu for all times of the day. Cappuccino also provides unique entertainment with live DJ and diverse music. Puerto Portal also offers a variety of different cuisines at its various restaurants those include: Baiben which specialises in delicious Mediterranean, Latin and Asian cuisine; The European cuisine at Wellies; Lebanese and Asian cuisine at Le Socrate; Terrific Indian cuisine at Mahal Tandoori; The famous Italian cuisine of Ritzi; Ice creams at Cream and many more


Due to its luxurious appeal, Puerto Portals has steadily grown inpopularity and size within recent years, now it contains and enormous quay with 639 mooring spaces ranging from 8 to 60 metres in length.The port is surrounded by luxurious real estate with numerous 4 and 5 star hotels. Due to its incredible shopping centre with a range of facilities, Puerto Portals attracts a larger amount of shoppers who seek the glamorous products it provides.Puerto Portal is most notably known for international clothing shops of famous designer brands such as PINKO, Blue Marin and Kidama.

The shopping centre also contains nautical firms, watchmakers, hairdressers, a supermarket, a beauty centre, perfumeries and estate agents. With this reputation it is no surprise that the port has attracted its fair share of celebrities throughout the years such as Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey, Michelle Obama, Rod Steward and Bill Gates to name a few.

Puerto Portals is incredibly entertaining during the sailing seasons, hosting multiple regattas such as the Second Spanish Dragon Class Winter Series, the III Regatta APD and the TP52 Super Series Sailing Week. The surrounding area is also full of entertainment. Not limited to sailing, Puerto Portal also hosts multiple different events such as musicals, Jazz’s concerts, farmer’s markets, car exhibitions animal parties and much more.

The port is also surrounded by a variety of things to do. The village of portal nous is a short drive away as well as the beach of Cala Portals Nous, a nearby beach beloved by locals, perfect for a relaxing day (it has sunshades and loungers to rent for bathers). Puerto Portal is also near to junior jungle park and the Marineland Mallorca Aquarium.